UWW Hosts Second Annual Social Justice Residency Aug. 1-3

The University Without Walls is hosting its second annual Social Justice Residency from Aug. 1-3 to give UWW students the opportunity to network and think creatively about how to foster social justice in their communities. More than 30 online adult students from as far away as California will be traveling to Hadley for the one-credit residency.

Throughout the weekend, students will immerse themselves in dialogue with guest speakers, faculty, and community activists who share academic and career interests in social justice. UWW students will bring their real-life experiences to their studies of a wide range of social issues including food justice, race, gender and sexual equality, health and human services and social entrepreneurship.

Many students will follow-up the weekend with a semester-long independent research project that relates to their topic of study and return to campus for a symposium at the end of the semester.

“The University Without Walls program was founded in 1971 as an experiment in social justice education,” said UWW faculty member Jacqueline Castledine. “The residency is just one way that faculty and students continue to demonstrate our commitment to the principles of social justice.”

For more information, contact Jacqueline Castledine.