UWW honors Gerber for work with students

Dan Gerber, visiting assistant professor in Community Health Studies, was presented the University Without Walls Outstanding Faculty Award on May 23 at a post-Commencement reception.

According to UWW director Gary Bernhard, each year the program honors a member of the faculty who has done outstanding work with UWW students. Each UWW student works with a faculty sponsor on the development of individualized degree programs, and faculty evaluate UWW experiential learning portfolios, collections of essays in which students demonstrate university-level learning acquired through experience. In addition, faculty serve on UWW academic review teams, which evaluate all individualized degree plans and upper level prior-learning portfolios.

"Dan Gerber has distinguished himself in all these areas," said Bernhard. "He is a great supporter of UWW students, but he also challenges them to do their best and integrate theory and practice. He also serves on a UWW academic review team and has helped UWW develop a new program with Baystate Health Systems."

Past recipients of the award include Seymour Shapiro, Esther Terry, Arlene Avakian, Tony Butterfield, David Lenson, Melissa Barringer and Jesse Ortiz.