UWW honors Gerber for work with students

May 21, 2004


Dan Gerber, visiting assistant professor in Community Health Studies, was presented the University Without Walls Outstanding Faculty Award on May 23 at a post-Commencement reception.

According to UWW director Gary Bernhard, each year the program honors a member of the faculty who has done outstanding work with UWW students. Each UWW student works with a faculty sponsor on the development of individualized degree programs, and faculty evaluate UWW experiential learning portfolios, collections of essays in which students demonstrate university-level learning acquired through experience. In addition, faculty serve on UWW academic review teams, which evaluate all individualized degree plans and upper level prior-learning portfolios.

"Dan Gerber has distinguished himself in all these areas," said Bernhard. "He is a great supporter of UWW students, but he also challenges them to do their best and integrate theory and practice. He also serves on a UWW academic review team and has helped UWW develop a new program with Baystate Health Systems."

Past recipients of the award include Seymour Shapiro, Esther Terry, Arlene Avakian, Tony Butterfield, David Lenson, Melissa Barringer and Jesse Ortiz.