UMass Amherst Students to Be Awarded Humanitarian Citations for Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Donation Efforts

AMHERST, Mass. – The national organization Delete Blood Cancer will recognize the lifesaving efforts of University of Massachusetts Amherst students who have registered as bone marrow and stem cell donors by presenting them Humanitarian Citations on Thursday, April 18at 8 p.m. in the Amherst Room on the 10th floor of the Campus Center.
Michael Guglielmo, the ambassador of Delete Blood Cancer for New England, will present the awards to several individuals affiliated with UMass Amherst Delete Blood Cancer, which has registered 4,082 students, 19 of whom made life-saving stem cell donations, making UMass Amherst the second largest campus provider of bone marrow donors in the nation. One in every 207 UMass Amherst students is registered as a potential donor, while the national collegiate average is one in 22,000, according to Ashley Cox of UMass Amherst Delete Blood Cancer.
UMass Amherst also has the largest number of registered students among schools in the Northeast.   
Guglielmo will present citations to the UMass Amherst student body, the campus chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha and the national office of Pi Kappa Alpha for their commitment and effort to save lives. Annemarie Seifert, associate vice chancellor for student development, will accept the award on behalf of the student body. The award to PIKE International will be accepted by David Waterman, PIKE affiliate. UMass Amherst senior Robert Nason will accept the award for the campus chapter of PIKE.
Individual awards will be given to the founding members of UMass Amherst Delete Blood Cancer: Ashley Cox, Joshua Fieder, Grant Elliot George and Rachel Clark. Active and long-term member Justin Graci will also be recognized for his work with the organization.
Established in 2009, UMass Amherst Delete Blood Cancer is affiliated with the international organization Delete Blood Cancer DKMS, the largest bone marrow donor center in the world.