UMass Amherst School of Management Placement Director Writes Book on How to Ace Job Interviews

AMHERST, Mass. - Job-seekers can significantly improve their chances for success if they’re armed with the knowledge contained in 111 Dynamite Ways to Ace Your Job Interview, says author Richard I. Fein, director of placement for the School of Management at the University of Massachusetts.

Fein’s new book offers advice on all aspects of preparing for an interview - what basic questions can be anticipated and what questions the interviewee should ask. He points out that candidates can gain an advantage over other applicants by: doing research about the company they are applying to; preparing answers in advance to predictable questions; and maintaining a positive attitude during the interview.

Fein also offers some basic insight about what is at stake for both the employer and the applicant. "As a general rule, an interview is a business meeting between equals. You need a new job, the firm needs a new employee," Fein writes. He counsels job-seekers to "Be yourself at your best" by offering a combination of self-awareness and professionalism to a potential employer.

In addition to the basics, the book provides 50 sample questions and variations on answers to meet a variety of situations. Included are examples of what not to do and how inappropriate or ill-prepared responses can negatively affect the outcome of any job interview.

Fein also discusses what effect the health of the national economy has on job searches and the availability of jobs. The book also contains tips on how certain types of interviews can work to the advantage of job-seekers, and other fundamentals such as the best time for - and how to conduct - salary negotiations.

Fein is the author of "101 Dynamite Questions to Ask at Your Job Interview," "First Job," and "Cover Letters, Cover Letters, Cover Letters," and has frequently commented on the job search process for both print and electronic media.