UMass Amherst Responds to Disturbance Following Red Sox World Series Victory

AMHERST, Mass. – Police at the University of Massachusetts Amherst responded to a disturbance in the Southwest Residential Area following the Red Sox World Series victory on Oct. 30, making 15 arrests. An estimated 3,000 people in the Southwest concourse were dispersed.

No injuries were reported. One inflatable amusement was damaged.

Of those arrested, 14 were charged with failing to disperse and one for being disorderly. Two of the people charged with failing to disperse were also charged with assault and battery on a police officer. Fourteen of the 15 arrested are UMass Amherst students. 

Campus officials provided food and activities prior to the game and dining officials say more than 2,900 students were served prior to the end of the game. The crowd, which grew steadily during the contest, was calm until the end of the game. UMass Amherst, Town of Amherst and Massachusetts State police responded to the crowd and dispersed it in less than an hour.