UMass Amherst Pastry Chef is Raisin’ the Profile of Cinnamon Swirl Bread With Award-Winning Baked Delight

AMHERST, Mass. – Some of best raisin bread in the country may be closer than you think.

A cinnamon swirl raisin bread prepared by pastry chef Pam Adams of the Dining Services Bakeshop at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has received the grand prize in the commercial category of the fifth annual America's Best Raisin Bread contest.

The event was held at the American Institute of Baking and organized in conjunction with Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kan. on Oct. 13. Altogether, there were 36 contestants in the artisanal, commercial and breakfast categories. 

After winning, Adams said she was “humbled and honored” to be the national grand prize winner for a baked good that is both healthful and delicious.

The judges said they were highly impressed with chef Adams’ innovative creation of raisin powder that Adams used in her bread entry. Ken Toong, executive director of auxiliary services, notes that Adam’s powder is a healthy source of sustainable energy that provides vitamins, minerals and soluble fiber, in addition to acting as a substitute for sugar.

“It works as a natural preservative and source of caramel coloring,” he said.

“We are so proud of chef Adams for her accomplishment and believe it is individuals like her that make UMass Amherst Dining outstanding,” said Toong. “Please be assured that we will be offering the winning cinnamon swirl raisin bread on campus.”