UMass Amherst Counters Allegations by Sports Agent About Basketball Program

AMHERST, Mass. - The following is a statement issued by University of Massachusetts Chancellor David K. Scott in response to recent allegations by Connecticut sports agent John Lounsbury concerning the UMass basketball program.

Scott said: "Mr. Lounsbury was repeatedly asked to meet with the committee looking into allegations about Marcus Camby and the basketball program and he consistently refused.

"He was also asked to discuss the allegations with officials of the Atlantic 10 but he refused. And, he was asked to discuss the allegations with the NCAA but he again refused.

"What Mr. Lounsbury is now telling the Globe differs from what a number of others told our investigating panel. At this point we have no reason to believe Mr. Lounsbury is more credible than the people we interviewed. We do note that over the past year, Mr. Lounsbury has repeatedly denied wrongdoing concerning Marcus Camby and he is now contradicting his own statements."

Scott also said that the University will stand behind the NCAA finding that UMass "did not know nor should have known" that Camby received benefits from sports agents while at the University. Scott said: "The amount of money Marcus Camby accepted from Mr. Lounsbury was irrelevant to the sanctions we received from the NCAA Executive Committee, since the sanctions were based on the act committed and not on the amount received."

Regarding the allegations about former player Mike Williams, Scott said: "The NCAA has advised the University to attempt to contact Mike Williams to pursue the allegations about him raised by Mr. Lounsbury. We are complying with that advice."

Scott also said the University will continue "to be relentless in attempts to clarify and resolve any issues involving the basketball program."