Tiner’s ‘Tidal Wetlands Primer’ Published by UMass Press

“Tidal Wetlands Primer: An Introduction to Their Ecology, Natural History, Status, and Conservation” by Ralph W. Tiner, adjunct professor in the department of environmental conservation, has been published by the University of Massachusetts Press.

The purpose of the book is to introduce the world of tidal wetlands to students and professionals in the environmental fields and others with an interest in the subject.

Illustrated with maps, photographs, and diagrams, this volume provides a clear account of the factors that make these habitats unique and vulnerable. It discusses their formation, the conditions affecting their plant and animal life, and the diversity of types across North America, as well as their history, use by wildlife and humans, current status, conservation, restoration, and likely future. The emphasis is on vegetated wetlands—marshes and swamps—with additional discussion of eelgrass meadows, rocky shores, beaches, and tidal flats.

Tiner’s previous field guides to coastal wetland plants in the Northeast and Southeast have been widely praised. “Tidal Wetlands Primer” joins Tiner’s earlier publications as an authoritative and user-friendly guide that should appeal to anyone with a serious interest in coastal habitats.

A nationally recognized wetland ecologist and author of more than 200 publications, Tiner is regional wetland coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The book is available for $39.95