Student Businesses at UMass Amherst Win National Recognition

AMHERST, Mass. - The Center for Student Businesses at the University of Massachusetts has been chosen as one of 10 exemplary programs this year by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA). The UMass program was chosen from among 200 nationwide.

The center has 150 employees and supports eight enterprises including the People’s Market, Earthfoods, Campus Design and Copy, the Bike Coop, TIX (student event ticket sales), and three snack shops located in residence halls: Greenough Snack Bar, Sylvan Snack Bar in McNamara, and Sweets’n’More in Field. Katja Hahn d’Errico, director, says the center provides students with consulting, analysis, and training. The businesses are funded by the Student Government Association.

Javier Cevallos, vice chancellor for student affairs and campus life, says the award reflects the excellent work done by students who organize and work in the various businesses. “The students won it: they deserve it,” Cevallos says. “We are way ahead of anybody else in what we do with our businesses. The center is one of the jewels in the crown on this campus.”

The UMass program will be highlighted in NASPA’s annual publication “Bridges to Student Success” and the association says it will offer it as a model for other institutions.