STEM Seminar Speaker to Discuss Artbotics Program at UMass Lowell

Adam Norton, manager of the New England Robotics Validation and Experimentation Center (NERVE) at UMass Lowell, will discuss “Artbotics: Attracting Students to STEM” at a STEM Education seminar on Tuesday, April 15 at 4 p.m. in 138 Hasbrouck Laboratory.

The Artbotics program combines art, computer science, and robotics to create interactive, kinetic sculptures. The program has been designed to incorporate these subjects in introductory fashion, allowing for students of all experience levels to participate. Artbotics serves as an outreach platform to interest students in STEM fields, and aims to increase the participation of women and minorities in these fields. This talk will outline some of the core principles of the Artbotics program, its development over the past seven years, and the future of the program, with many examples of projects produced during classes and workshops.