Sport Studies Department at UMass Amherst Welcomes Two New Faculty Members

AMHERST, Mass. - Two new faculty members have joined the sport studies department at the University of Massachusetts this semester. They are Timothy DeSchriver and Dennis Wilson. Both are assistant professors.

Timothy DeSchriver joins UMass from Western Carolina University, where he taught sport finance, sport economics, and business administration for three years. He received his Ed.D. in physical education with an emphasis in sport administration from the University of Northern Colorado in 1996. He studied economics at both Pennsylvania State University, where he earned a master''s degree, and at Villanova University, where he completed his undergraduate work.

The International Sports Journal will publish an article by DeSchriver next summer on the factors that affect spectator attendance at collegiate football games. The article is an outgrowth of his doctoral dissertation, "Factors affecting spectator attendance at NCAA Division II football games." For that study, DeSchriver surveyed sports information directors at 150 schools that field Division II football teams, collecting data such as attendance figures, ticket prices, and information about marketing and promotion efforts. A winning team is the major factor in drawing a crowd to games, says DeSchriver; a team''s home region and the size of its population are also important. Contrary to popular belief, weather is not a factor in game attendance for football, DeSchriver says, because of the limited number of games in a college season. He contrasts that with professional baseball, for example, with 162 games scheduled per season.

DeSchriver wrote a book review and co-authored an article for the Journal of Sport Management in 1996. He is co-author of the forthcoming textbook "Sport Finance."

Dennis Wilson received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Kentucky this year. He received a master''s degree, also in economics, from Iowa State University in 1991, and a bachelor''s degree in mathematics and economics in 1989 from Western Carolina University.

Wilson''s doctoral dissertation was titled, "The Economic Structure of Professional Team Sports Leagues." He says joining the UMass sport studies faculty will provide him with a unique opportunity to use his background in economics in a department that approaches the study of sport from diverse perspectives.

Wilson and DeSchriver are currently collaborating on a study of ticket pricing in Division I-A football, to determine how demand and price are related. They expect to report their findings next spring.