Senate approves practicum credit changes

By Daniel J. Fitzgibbons

Changes in the credit limits and the numbering of practicum courses were approved Dec. 16 by the Faculty Senate.

Under the vote, the number of credits for elective practicum courses which may be applied toward undergraduate degree requirements was increased from 15 to 18. Also approved was a plan to number elective practicum courses 298, 398 or 498, depending on their level.

In a related move, senators also endorsed a proposal to designate practicum courses for degree programs with permanent course numbers.

A measure to require that all proposals submitted to the Faculty Senate be accompanied by an electronic version in Microsoft Word format was also adopted.

Senators also approved a change in the academic requirements for the “Fresh Start” program, which allows students who return to the campus after an absence of three or more years to have some prior work excluded from their grade point average. The change approved by the senate substitutes the new C-minus grade for the previously used grade of “CD.” A new grading system was implemented in the fall of 2004.

In other business, the senate approved a new one-credit course, NRC 211, "Animal Sampling and Identification," and a three-credit course, NURSING 433, "Community Health IV: Restorative Nursing II."