Senate approves dual master’s degree option

A proposal to allow graduate students to pursue two master’s degrees simultaneously was approved Nov. 18 by the Faculty Senate.

According to English professor Arthur Kinney, a member of the Graduate Council, the measure is intended to encourage students to pursue studies in programs “that interlock or interweave intellectually.”

Kinney said the option allows students to use the electives for the one degree to fulfill the requirements for the other. Under the measure, all degree requirements – including the core courses for each program -- must be completed. The total number of degree credits will be at least equal to 60 credits of which no fewer than 30 credits must come from each of the two programs.

In other business, the senate also approved a Five College Certificate in Native American Indian Studies and a Consumer and Family Economics option within the minor in Resource Economics. A Food Systems option to the Sustainable Agriculture Concentration in the Plant and Soil Science major was also approved.

By Daniel J. Fitzgibbons

A new, three-credit course, COMM-DIS 647, “Implantable Auditory Prostheses,” was accepted and senators endorsed a General Education Council motion to grant an “I” designation for LINGUIST 390A, “Controlling the Discourse.”

Nominations to senate councils and committee were also approved.