School of Management at UMass Amherst Offers Marketing Courses Tailored for Nonprofits

AMHERST, Mass. - Business students and local professionals interested in nonprofit organizations can improve their marketing and management skills thanks to a pair of courses being offered this spring by the School of Management at the University of Massachusetts.

The courses, which run from Jan. 29 to May 14, 1998, are designed to introduce graduate students and managers to issues they will encounter at nonprofit businesses such as many social service and health care agencies, and educational institutions. Suzanne Kulik, the program’s administrative director, says the courses provide tools to help managers measure performance and efficiency, improve the delivery of services, and maintain financial controls for nonprofit organizations. In addition, the courses offer training on how to work with boards of directors and fund raisers, and how to manage staff and volunteers.

In addition to the course work, those enrolled in the courses will also volunteer in area nonprofit agencies. Kulik says: "We hope this will allow us to support local nonprofit organizations by transferring academic expertise and business skills to them, while at the same time giving students first-hand experience in the agencies." The experience also should show students that the large nonprofit sector of the Massachusetts economy is a viable career option, she says.

The spring offering is a semester-long course "Marketing for Nonprofits," with instructor William Diamond, associate professor of marketing, along with a three-module course that includes: "Special Topics in Nonprofit Management and Marketing," with instructor Craig Dreeszen, arts extension service; "Human Resources for Nonprofits," with instructor John Keiser, hotel, restaurant, and travel administration; and "Fund Raising" with Gayle Lauradunn, an Amherst-based educator-trainer and consultant.

Non-degree students or those in the professional Master of Business Administration program who want to enroll can contact the UMass Division of Continuing Education at 413/545-5190 or call Kulik at 413/545-5685. Information is also available on the World Wide Web.