Roundtable for Law Enforcement on Investigating Complex Sexual Assault Cases

A roundtable discussion on “Investigating Complex Sexual Assault Involving Alcohol or Drug Use” is being held Wednesday, April 2 from 1-3 p.m. in the UMass Police Department conference room.

The session is being led by Jen Suhl, chief of the Northwestern District Attorney’s Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Unit, and Lt. Detective Ron Young, who oversees the Amherst Police Department’s Detective Bureau.

Discussion will focus on identifying critical areas for investigation and documentation in cases of sexual assault which involve drug or alcohol use by the victim, suspect or both. Using a case scenario based on actual reports, officers will discuss best practices in areas such as interviewing victims and suspects, documenting alcohol use and level of intoxication/incapacitation, and establishing a pre- and post-assault timeline.

The session is sponsored by the Hampshire County Sexual Assault Response Team.