QS World University Subject Rankings Place 18 UMass Amherst Programs in Top 200 Globally

AMHERST, Mass. – For a second consecutive year, the University of Massachusetts Amherst ranks among the top 200 programs worldwide in 18 academic disciplines, according to the QS World University Subject Rankings released today.

This year’s QS World University Rankings by Subject features 36 disciplines making it the largest ever ranking of its kind. The results were informed by the opinion of 85,062 academics and 41,910 employers, together with the analysis of 17.3 million research papers and more than 100 million citations in the Scopus/Elsevier bibliometric database.

UMass Amherst’s linguistics department is ranked No. 10 in the world and the campus is ranked 28th in agriculture and forestry.

Computer science at UMass Amherst joined the top 100 programs worldwide. The university’s chemical engineering and materials science programs are also in the top 100.

UMass Amherst moved into the top 150 programs for English language and literature, philosophy, and environmental sciences. The university is also in the top 150 in chemistry.

Among the top 200 programs around the globe, UMass Amherst improved in the areas of biological sciences and psychology. The campus is also in the top 200 in modern languages, earth and marine sciences, physics and astronomy, communication and media studies, economics and econometrics, politics and international studies, and sociology.