Postage Rates Increasing 6%, but Official Metered Mail Qualifies for Discount

The price of first class stamps will increase from 46 cents to 49 cents, effective Jan. 26, according to Charlie Apicella, manager of Mail and Distribution Services.

“However, there is good news incorporated into this round of postal updates,” he reports. “The university qualifies for a one cent discount on all metered first class letters processed through Mail Services.”

Last year, Mail Services metered more than 600,000 letters that will now qualify for the reduced rate of 48 cents, Apicella adds. “You don’t need to do anything to realize this discount on your university mail. Mail Services handles all the compliance and approvals paperwork and you just need to send your envelopes out as usual. All mail that is picked up by Mail Services staff that includes a speed type number and requiring a meter imprint will qualify. Postage recharges will decrease from one cent for each letter mailed.”