Philosophy graduate program given high marks

The Philosophy graduate program has been ranked among the best in the English-speaking world in an influential survey published every two years by the Philosophical Gourmet Report. Evaluating the quality of philosophical work, talent and the range of area that the faculty covers, the survey was completed by 266 established philosophers throughout the world.

UMass ranked 27th out of 66 Ph.D. programs in the United States and 33rd out of 105 ranked programs in the English-speaking world. The Philosophy Department also ranked in the top 10 to 15 internationally in three specialty areas: epistemology, metaphysics and history of early modern philosophy.

“This recognition speaks highly of the university’s commitment to supporting
top-quality faculty and scholarship in philosophy,” said Phillip Bricker, head of the department. “We’re very pleased to be ranked among the top philosophy programs in the country.”

Cornell, Brown and Yale universities were also recognized in the rankings along with Harvard, Princeton and Stanford universities.

The Philosophical Gourmet Report is a website designed to help prospective students choose the philosophy graduate program that best suits them. Brian Leiter, the editor of the site, teaches and writes in the areas of moral and legal philosophy, the law of evidence and continental philosophy, and is the director of the law and philosophy program at the University of Texas at Austin. Prominent members of the philosophy profession are sent a list of faculty members from universities around the world without knowing which university those faculty members represent. The faculty is then judged by their reputations, and the university’s philosophy department is ranked accordingly.