Peregrine falcons take to the sky

The three female peregrine falcon chicks that hatched last month on the roof of the Du Bois Library all successfully began flying over the weekend of June 9-10.

They have been coming back to the box at night to be fed, but they will spend less and less time at the box over the next few days until they completely stop visiting it on a regular basis, according to Richard Nathhorst, capital projects manager in Facilities Planning.

“They are in the flight school phase of their training, following the parents around campus begging for food, learning to fly and hunt for prey and developing stamina,” said Nathhorst.  Over the weekend, the father falcon urged his young out onto the roof ledge by offering them food. Not long after, they took their first flight.

Nathhorst also mentioned that this year the fledglings waited until they were fully grown before attempting to fly and, therefore, did not need to be brought back up to the nest after landing below.

Many interested observers have watched the progress of the chicks hatching, growing, feeding, and now flying, on the FalconCam.

“The first year of the FalconCam has been a great success,” says Jay Schafer, director of Libraries, “but we know that there are things we want to improve, and Library staff will work with Facilities Planning to make the experience even better for next year.”