Participants Sought for Study of Cadence and Intensity Across Adult Lifespan

Cadence test

Researchers in the department of kinesiology are seeking individuals 21-85 to participate in a study to measure walking steps during treadmill exercise and during activities performed in daily life.

Participation in the study includes three visits to the physical activity and health laboratory. Participants will be asked to walk on a treadmill at different speeds and also perform activities that they would perform in their daily life, such as folding laundry, watching a movie and completing computer work. While doing these activities, participants will wear several small gadgets that measure physical activity on the waist, wrist, upper arm, ankle, thigh and chest. They will also wear a portable metabolic system to measure air breathed in and out.

Participants will receive a $75 Target gift certificate as appreciation for their time.

To participate or for more information, email or call 545-1583.