Paid Research Participants Needed for Functional MRI Study

The department of psychological and brain sciences is seeking participants for a functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study.

Participants must be right-handed adults 20-29 years old or right-handed children and adolescents 10-17 years old. Participants can have no neurological or psychiatric disorders and cannot be taking daily medication for such disorders.

For the study, you will perform different tasks while your brain is monitored with a MRI scanner. You will also perform a set of behavioral tasks that measure cognitive capacity.

The study is completely non-invasive, and everything will be performed in a single two-hour session.

Compensation is $30 plus a $1-3 bonus based on performance.

The study will be conducted at the Human Magnetic Resonance Center at the Institute for Applied Life Sciences.

For more information about child and adolescent participation, contact researcher Youngbin Kwak at 413/461-0129,

For more information about adult participation, contact Kwak at 413/345-6870,