Outdated stationery, office supplies can be recycled

Spring cleaning may give some offices a little extra space, but the additional trash can be a headache for the Office of Waste Management, according to Lorenzo Macaluso, special projects coordinator for the unit.

Along with providing recycling containers to assist office cleaning efforts, he says, Waste Management tries to save items that can be reused.

This year, the changeover from the UMass logo to the redesigned campus seal prompted many departments to order new letterhead, envelopes and other paper products. In many cases, the old inventory went into the campus waste stream, says Macaluso.

“We are trying to capture these items and reuse them in some way,” he says. “One project we are hoping to start is to capture old letterhead and old envelopes to use for inter-office campus mail. We will print the ‘To, From, etc.’ info on the back of letterhead and put them on the outdated envelopes. These will then be available for campus use.”

Macluso says other items like three-ring binders and office supplies are also collected for reuse on campus.

To request recycling containers, call the Office of Waste Management at 5-9615. To schedule special pickups for old logo materials or reusable supplies, contact Lorenzo Macaluso at 5-6717, lorenzo@facil.umass.edu.