OIT moving campus to new e-mail platforms with extra features

During the next year, the Office of Information Technologies is introducing a new set of e-mail, calendar and collaboration tools through Microsoft Exchange and Apps at UMass Amherst, Google’s suite of collaboration tools for educational institutions, according to John Dubach, chief information officer.
In e-mails sent May 1 to the campus community, Dubach said, “By moving to Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps, we hope to meet the campus’s growing needs for collaboration and communication tools, while also providing our faculty, staff and students with access to innovative technologies and a high level of service.”
Starting in the fall, OIT will help faculty, staff, graduate students and retired employees migrate from UMail, its current e-mail service, to Microsoft Exchange. OIT will be phasing out UMail in 2014, once all members of the university community have switched to a new e-mail platform.
The Exchange platform provides several features:
  • An enterprise calendaring solution for the campus, allowing users to schedule meetings, conference rooms and other resources within and across departments.
  • A robust and flexible email experience on the Web or via e-mail software, regardless of device or operating system.
  • Centralized contacts and address book entries accessible from desktop, mobile device or on the Web. 
The transition does not affect faculty, staff and graduate students using UMass Amherst department-managed e-mail services.
This summer, said Dubach, all undergraduates will be moving from UMail to Google Mail. The new Google Mail accounts will have students’ UMass Amherst e-mail addresses and will be their official e-mail accounts for the time they are at the university.
OIT will automatically transfer students’ messages from UMail to Google Mail over the summer.
According to Dubach, Google Mail is part of Apps at UMass Amherst, a customized version of  Google’s suite of collaboration tools for educational institutions. With Apps at UMass Amherst, students will get:
  • Increased e-mail storage (10 GB and growing).
  • Google Calendar to schedule meetings, create events and share calendars with others.
  • Google Drive to create and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations online in real-time.
  • Google Sites to easily create websites and share them with small groups or the world.
All members of the university community will have access to the tools in the Google Apps suite, including Google Drive, Google Sites and Google Calendar.
Google Mail will not be available to faculty, staff or graduate students.
OIT will provide additional recommendations on using university data with Apps at UMass Amherst.
As part of the transition to Microsoft Exchange and Google Mail, OIT is introducing NetID@umass.edu e-mail addresses for all members of the campus community. Each OIT account NetID will receive a NetID@umass.edu e-mail address.
Faculty, staff and graduate students can continue to use their current e-mail addresses but will also have the option of using the new @umass.edu address.
Incoming undergraduates will only have @umass.edu e-mail addresses. Current undergraduates will receive new @umass.edu e-mail addresses. Their student.umass.edu addresses will continue to work, but will no longer be considered their official campus e-mail addresses.
For those who have two e-mail addresses (@umass.edu and @oit.umass.edu), e-mail sent to both addresses will be delivered to the same OIT-provided e-mail account.
For more information, visit the OIT website (http://www.oit.umass.edu) or contact the OIT Help Center at 545-9400.