New Ranking Places Amherst Among Top College Towns

AMHERST, Mass. – When conversation turns to the topic of quintessential college towns, Amherst consistently earns national accolades. That’s the case again this year, as College Values Online salutes Amherst in its list of the 50 Best Small College Towns in America.

As home to the University of Massachusetts, the Commonwealth’s flagship campus, as well as Amherst and Hampshire colleges, Amherst earned high marks, ranking No. 27 in the country.

Here’s the scouting report:

“As a reflection of its higher educational offerings, the local population shares a mostly liberal point of view with government, culture, and stewardship of their land. While there are many opportunities for employment in this community, nearly half of Amherst’s residents are college students, and the institutions they attend provide most of its jobs. The cost of living is above the national average, but this town enjoys a relatively high medium income and a very low crime rate.”

The rankings observe that, “We can say that no matter which is your ‘fave’ on this list of small college towns, you simply can’t go wrong with any of these. Each of them is in a constant state of improvement as they seek to create the best quality of life for students and residents alike and maintain their reputation among the best college towns in the U.S.”