New Course Proposals

March 7, 2014

The following new course proposals have been submitted to the Faculty Senate Office for review and approval and are listed here for faculty review and comment. Comments on any new course proposal should be submitted to Ernest May, Secretary of the Faculty Senate, at

COMM 335 “Media and Education” 4 credits; Instructor: Alison Butler; This course will provide an overview of the theories, tensions, and debates within the study of media literacy/media education as they apply to K-12 classrooms and community endeavors. Current research studies in this area will be examined, and students will have the opportunity to design their own media literacy curricula. Prerequisites: COMM 121 or COMM 122

COMM 445 “Screenwriting” 3 credits; Instructors: Professors Marty Norden and Bruce Geisler; The art, craft, and business of screenwriting – including screenplay format and structure, plot and character development, dialog and scene description, visual storytelling, pace and rhythm, and analysis of professional and student scripts and films. Prerequisites: COMM 140 or 231 or 340 or 342 or 345

COMM 446 “Film Documentary” 3 credits; Instructor: Bruce Geisler; This course combines critical analysis with a hands-on introduction to producing a documentary. Students will view, analyze, and critique a range of documentary films to further their understanding of the documentarian’s craft and art. Students will also do pre-production (research and scripting) for their own short documentary, along with shorter hands-on exercises in writing narration, interview techniques, use of archival sources, etc. Prerequisites: COMM 140 or 231 or 340 or 342 or 493E