New Course Proposals

The following new course proposals have been submitted to the Faculty Senate Office for review and approval and are listed here for faculty review and comment. Comments on any new course proposal should be submitted to Ernest May, secretary of the Faculty Senate, at

GEO-SCI 220, “World Regional Geography,” 4 credits; Instructors: Senior Lecturer Stan Stevens, Professor Piper Gaubatz, or a lecturer; This course is intended to provide international perspectives for students campus-wide as well as serving as a key course in the Geography BA and BS degree programs. In the planned revision of the Geography BA and BS degree requirements, this course will become one of an expanded set of 4-credit courses (GEO-SCI 100, 102, 150, 200, 220, and 250) through which students can fulfill 100-200-level “foundation” Geography courses. Prerequisites: None

GEO-SCI 470, “The Chinese City: Geography, Environment, and Development,” 3 credits; Instructor: Professor Piper Gaubatz; China’s cities are home to ten percent of the world’s population. This lecture, discussion and research course analyzes these cities’ rapidly changing urban forms, environments, economies and societies. Prerequisites: GEO-SCI 370 “Urban Geography” or GEO-SCI 372 “Urban Issues” or an equivalent course which provides a basic framework for understanding cities.

GEO-SCI 636, “Advanced Remote Sensing,” 3 credits; Instructor: Qian Yu; Introduce the principles of image analysis for remotely sensed date for environmental, resource and urban studies. Emphasis on processing and information extraction from optical and thermal imagery. Labs using ENVI. Prerequisite: Intro RS (GEO 426, NRC 587, CEE 690R)

GEO-SCI 678, “Spatial Data Analysis,” 3 credits; Instructor Qian Yu; Cover a broad range of SDA method from basic statistics to advanced computational techniques, including point pattern analysis, modeling spatial data, and spatial regression and Geostatistical theory. Labs using ArcGIS. Prerequisite: Intro GIS (GEO 468/668, NRC 585, RP 625)