New course proposals

The following new course proposals have been submitted to the Faculty Senate office for review and approval and are listed here for faculty review and comment. Comments on any new course proposal should be submitted to Ernest May, Secretary of the Faculty Senate, at

ENVIRSCI 555, “Environmental Toxicology in Context,” 3 credits. Concepts and principles of environmental toxicology. Chemical structure activity relationships; their interaction with environment. Basic principles; the predicted and observed fate of chemicals in various components of the biosphere. Hazard evaluation; fate and effects of chemicals in soil, plants, wildlife, aquatic organisms, and humans.
Prerequisite: Introduction to environmental toxicology.

ENVIRSCI 585, “Animal and Environmental Toxicology,” 3 credits. All aspects of insecticide chemistry, including toxicity, classification, pharmacodynamics and metabolism, mechanisms of action, resistance, and environmental toxicology. For advanced science undergraduates with toxicological, agricultural, or environmental interests. Prerequisite: Organic chemistry.