Nagurney Invited Speaker at Supply Chain Workshop in Zurich

Anna Nagurney, the John F. Smith Memorial Professor of Operations Management at the Isenberg School of Management, was one of 11 invited speakers (and the only female) at the Vulnerability and Resilience of Supply Chains Workshop that took place Sept. 12-13 in Zurich, Switzerland. The audience consisted of 60 participants from five continents.

Sponsored by the ETH Risk Center and the Zurich Insurance Group, the workshop brought together international experts from academia, government and industry to explore the supply chain risk landscape and to discuss a multi-stakeholder framework for improving resilience.

According to the workshop organizers, businesses that trade internationally are supported by interlinked global supply chains, which are vital to their competitiveness. But as a number of recent events highlight, these dynamic, complex systems are vulnerable to numerous risks. Because of their interconnectedness, even small, localized events can escalate rapidly and cause significant disruptions.

Nagurney’s presentation was on “Networks Against Time: From Food to Pharma” and focused on recent research conducted at the Virtual Center for Supernetworks and integrated in her latest book, “Networks Against Time: Supply Chain Analytics for Perishable Products,” co-authored with Min Yu, Amir H. Masoumi and Ladimer S. Nagurney.