Nagurney Discusses Blood Supply Chains at Operations Research Conference in Berlin

Anna Nagurney speaking in Berlin.
Anna Nagurney speaking at OR2017 in Berlin.

Anna Nagurney, the John F. Smith Memorial Professor of Operations Management at the Isenberg School of Management, delivered a semiplenary talk, “Blood Supply Chains: Challenges for the Industry and How Operations Research Can Help,” at the International Conference on Operations Research (OR2017) in Berlin, Germany, on Sept. 8.

Nagurney discussed how the blood services industry in the U.S. has been impacted by economic pressures as well as medical and technological advances and how network optimization models can be used to model the supply chains of the perishable, unique product that is blood–which cannot be produced but must be donated.

She also presented synergy measures that can be used to assess potential mergers and acquisitions that are occurring in this industry and demonstrated their applicability to a pending merger of two large blood service organizations under status quo and disaster scenarios.

For the latter, she considered a disaster striking Florida, similar to Hurricane Irma. In addition, she described how game theory can be used to model competition for blood among blood service organizations. Much of the research was done with present and former doctoral students at Isenberg.