Music and Dance lecture series opens Feb. 3

Smith College professor Ruth A. Solie is scheduled to open the Department of Music and Dance Theory lecture series on Thursday, Feb. 3 at 12:20 p.m. in Bezanson Recital Hall.

Solie’s lecture is based on Ernest Foxwell’s 1883 essay “Express Trains–A Rhapsody,” in which the author considers the profound changes in society that railroads brought to 19th-century England. Solie, the Sophia Smith Professor of Music at Smith College, will explore the resonances of meaning in Foxwell’s citation of Beethoven’s music for middle-class readers.

Current president of the American Musicological Society, Solie has published numerous articles and reviews with an emphasis on the role of gender in music history. She is the editor of “Music in Its Social Contexts,” a special issue of the journal “19th-Century Music, Musicology and Difference: Gender and Sexuality in Music Scholarship,” and the second edition of “Source Readings in Music History.”

Solie has also done extensive research on the history of parlor piano music and on Sophie Drinker, who worked throughout the 20th century to open the professional musical world to women.

The event is free and open to the public.