Music and Dance faculty to perform 'Third Stream Music'

Faculty from the Department of Music and Dance will perform "Third Stream Music" in concert on Tuesday, March 29 at 8 p.m. in Bezanson Recital Hall. The performance is part of a series titled “Tuesdays in Bezanson.”

“Third Stream Music,” a term coined by composer Gunther Schuller, refers to music which, through improvisation, written composition or both, synthesizes the characteristics and techniques of contemporary western art music and other musical traditions. The philosophy behind Third Stream Music is that any type of music profits from confrontation with another. In “Song and Dance,” Westfield native Frederic Rzewski combines jazz and improvisation to first establish clear rhythmic and melodic patterns and then give players more latitude. For instance, in one of the steps toward improvisation and away from fully composed music, Rzewski gives the players choices of musical lines from which to pick.

Also on the program will be Libby Larson’s “Holy Roller,” to be performed by professor Nadine Shank, piano, and senior Jeffrey Gallant, alto saxophone. For this piece, Larsen was inspired by the longest running revival meeting in America, which took place in Los Angeles from 1906-1909. Songs by Alec Wilder will be sung by retired professor Paulina Stark.

Admission is $10 general public, $5 students, senior citizens and children under 18. Tickets are available at the Fine Arts Center Box Office (545-2511).