Meehan, Subbaswamy Laud Senate Ways and Means Budget Plan

State House

A proposed fiscal 2018 budget released May 16 by the Senate Ways and Means Committee includes $534.5 million for the UMass system, an increase of $26.2 million or 5 percent over this year.

The budget drew praise from university leaders, who noted the support of Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg and Karen Spilka (D-Ashland), who chairs the Senate Ways and Means Committee, and other senators.  

“As someone who paid his way through UMass Amherst, President Rosenberg has long recognized the importance of affordability at UMass and understood the university’s critical role as a vehicle of economic and social mobility for Massachusetts residents,” said President Marty Meehan. “President Rosenberg has a long track record of commitment to UMass, and we thank him, Chairwoman Spilka and the entire Senate for once again making UMass a priority in their budget recommendation.”

“UMass Amherst alumnus and Senate President Stan Rosenberg and Senate Ways and Means Committee Chair Karen Spilka possess a profound understanding of the role of the university within the Commonwealth, which is reflected in this budget proposal,” Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy. “They and their colleagues recognize the transformative power of the university to educate and train the Commonwealth’s workforce and contribute to the economic vitality of the state, and are working to ensure access and affordability for students attending the flagship campus. We thank them for their continuing support and commend their commitment to building a better future through insightful and strategic investments.”

The House previously approved a budget that calls for a $5.2 million increase for the five-campus system, the same amount proposed by Gov. Charlie Baker.

Senate debate of the proposed budget begins May 23. The final version will go to a conference committee, which will reconcile differences between the House and Senate bills.