Massachusetts Review sets copies free to roam

In the end-of-semester frenzy in the Pioneer Valley, the Massachusetts Review is offering Five College students a potential distraction. The magazine has launched a project its calling “MR Nomads.” With the help and assistance of each of the Five College libraries, over 100 free copies of MR’s best recent issues will be left for the taking. As a sticker on each magazine cover announces, “This Book is Owned by its Reader,” so students should feel free to take the issues home and keep them as long as they like.
There is one stipulation—the MR Nomads are designed to roam. The hope is that individual readers will read their fill, and then leave their issues for others, at any spot where lovers of good literature are likely to find it. Inside the back cover of the magazine, there’s even a grid to pencil in information about the date and location where readers find their copies; they’re encouraged to send snapshots and stories back to the editors at
As editor Jim Hicks likes to say, “The day we receive a snapshot of a reader holding up a copy of MR in front of the Taj Mahal, we’ll know the project has been a success.”
Image: MR Vol. LIII, No. 4; Portrait of James Tate, a digital painting by Rachel B. Glaser (2012)