Laura Briggs, Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies, Participates in Forum on Intercountry Adoption

Laura Briggs, chair of the Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies program, participated in the International Institute of Social Studies International Forum on Intercountry Adoption and Surrogacy in The Hague, Netherlands, earlier this month. Briggs is an expert on transnational adoption and author of “Somebody's Children: The Politics of Transracial and Transnational Adoption.”

Nearly one hundred scholars, activists and policymakers from 27 countries discussed ways to improve international standards around the evolving practices of cross-border adoption and surrogacy, in which children typically move from poorer to wealthier countries.

The forum took place ahead of the next Special Commission of the Hague Conference’s Convention on Intercountry Adoption next spring, which will discuss the ongoing concerns about intercountry adoption in light of patterns of fraud and ‘failed’ adoptions.

The goal of the forum was to provide an evidence base for international adoption and surrogacy problems and/or best practices, and to address children’s best interests, families and countries of origin, and issues of fraud and coercion.

The Hague Conference will also issue a report on surrogacy, expressing concerns over the exploitation of women and the status of children born under international surrogacy arrangements.