Late Social Theorist Stuart Hall, an Honorary Degree Recipient, Recalled

Stuart Hall

The late social theorist and political activist Stuart Hall, who received an honorary degree from UMass Amherst in 1989, is being remembered at a memorial tribute posted by Lisa Henderson, professor of communication, at the blogsite of The Massachusetts Review.

Hall, who died Feb. 10 at age 82, was awarded the honorary Doctor of Humane Letters at a special convocation on “Race Culture and the Media” organized by the Center for Studies in Contemporary Culture, a field that the Jamaica-born scholar helped create.

Hall also worked on several documentary and educational films produced by the Media Education Foundation directed by communication professor Sut Jhally.

As Henderson noted, “Hall’s work cuts across the scholarship and analysis of UMass people in so many fields … English, political science, communication, Afro-American studies, women, gender, and sexuality studies, education, geography, history, anthropology, and sociology, to name just a few departments.”