Klock to perform at Bezanson Oct. 3

Professor Laura Klock of the Department of Music and Dance, will be joined by several of her colleagues in a collaborative concert on Sunday, Oct. 3 at 8 p.m. in Bezanson Recital Hall. Klock, who performs on horn, will be joined by Fredric Cohen, oboe and English horn; Lynn Klock, saxophone and bass clarinet; Christopher Krueger, flute and alto flute; Eduardo Leandro, percussion; Kathryn Lockwood, viola; and Salvatore Macchia, contrabass. Professor Lanfranco Marcelletti, Jr. will conduct a sextet of players in the world premiere of a work by Macchia. Also on the program is a piece of classical music, a trio by Michael Haydn, younger brother of the more famous Franz Joseph Haydn.

Macchia’s new work was composed between the first and the 15th of August. “I have written ‘Conatus, Chamber Concerto for Horn and Five Solo Instruments’ especially for, and dedicated to my dear friend and colleague Laura Klock. The fourth in an ongoing series of chamber concertos I have written over the last several years, ‘Conatus’ is a fairly large work which is divided into seven sections or movements played without pause.”

The design of the work resembles the procedures that Aristotle outlined for the composition of a Greek tragedy, used here by Macchia to compose a wordless drama. For example, the opening prologue of a drama becomes the opening prelude of the solo horn. It is followed by a tutti section in which all the instruments play, corresponding to the first entrance of the Greek chorus in a tragedy. But what is the drama that unfolds between the solo horn and the five instrumental protagonists? ‘Conatus’ is the word coined by Spinoza, the 17th-century philosopher, to describe force within us for continued existence, “the striving by which each thing, as far as it can, to preserve in its being, is nothing but the essence of the thing.”

Tickets are $10 general public and $5 for students, senior citizens and children under 18. Tickets are available at the Fine Arts Center Box Office (545-2511) or at the door.