Kabu MBII Exhibit on View at Augsuta Savage Gallery

“The Why of Things,” an exhibit of works by Kabu MBII, is on display at the Augusta Savage Gallery in New Africa House until Sept. 27.

The exhibit contains a number of colorful, energetic acrylic paintings that find their influence in moments of civil unrest in U.S. history such as the war in Vietnam and the Civil Rights movement.

He says, “My art is about giving you a new way of seeing everyday events that we have normalized and rationalized or forgotten. I do this through light and shadow, reverberating color, juxtaposed perspectives and multitudinous layers of paint that vociferate from the canvas. Thematically, there are no holds barred: architecture, infrastructure, technology, military equipment, chain link and barbed wire fence, debris fields, rubble, demolition sites and war zones take on a new meaning.”

His influences include the works of Max Beckman, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and John Riddle, all of whose work also confronts social issues through large-scale imagery.