Judge Declines to Issue Complaint in Hearing Involving Basketball Player Monty Mack

AMHERST, Mass. - Northampton District Court Judge Michael Ryan today declined to issue any complaints at a show-cause hearing involving University of Massachusetts basketball player Monty Mack.

A female student had alleged that Mack, a junior, had assaulted her during a fracas that involved at least a score of students Nov. 1. The incident started in a University dining hall then spilled over into a yard outside of the dining hall.

University head basketball coach James "Bruiser" Flint noted that Judge Ryan pointed out that Mack was not the instigator of the fight, but, in fact, tried to break up the fight when it began in the dining hall.

Flint said: "What is important is that Monty understands that as a student-athlete he lives under a microscope and everything he does will be magnified by the media and the public. Everyone on this team, including Monty, needs to understand that they have to be wary of slippery situations and they must be able to turn the other cheek, regardless of who is right or wrong." The judge heard from more than a dozen University students and employees over the course of a three-hour hearing before issuing his ruling.

Ryansaid: "There were so many people involved in this ruckus, I don’t think Mr. Mack should be singled out for his role."

Ryan added: "This fighting and violence among young people is way out of hand. I sit here and listen to students talk about hitting each other and I am flabbergasted." He urged young people to think about the damage that violent behavior could cause in their own lives and to try to control their temper.

Ryan also commended University police officers for the "fairness and thoroughness of their investigation of the incident."