Interdisciplinary Studies Institute Announces 2014-15 ‘Value’ Fellows

Eleven faculty members have been chosen by the Interdisciplinary Studies Institute (ISI) as fellows for its 2014-15 seminar on “Value.” The fellows will approach the theme from a variety of perspectives, ranging from the humanities to public health to economics. Each fellow will receive a $1,500 research allowance and participate in a yearlong faculty seminar.

In their responses to the theme, ISI asked the fellows to consider “value” from the vantage point of different disciplinary and creative perspectives. How has value been construed at different points in history, or by different cultures? How has it been construed in philosophy, literature, economics, psychology, journalism, education or science? What assumptions around human subjectivity and collectivity do our notions of value depend on—and vice versa? Overall, the ISI seeks a set of searching and stimulating perspectives that shed light on what value has meant and can come to mean.

The 2014-15 fellows are Jenny Adams, English, David Buchanan, public health, Angela de Oliveira, resource economics, Aline Gubrium, public health, Miliann Kang, women, gender, sexuality studies, Rebecca Lorimer Leonard, English, Max Page, art, architecture and art history, Britt Rusert, Afro-American studies, Anurag Sharma, management, Cynthia Suopis, University Without Walls, and Enhua Zhang, Asian languages and literatures.

The ISI receives major funding from the provost, and the deans of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.