Holiday staffing outlined by Human Resources

The Division Human Resources has issued the following guidelines for staffing during the Christmas and New Year’s period:

Christmas: To enable as many employees as possible to observe the Christmas holiday with their families and friends, the campus will be closed for normal business on Friday, Dec. 24.

New Year''s Day: Amherst campus offices will be open the Friday before and the Monday after New Year''s Day. Supervisors will be encouraged to allow as many employees as possible to take off on Dec. 31, and this time will count as "holiday time" for record-keeping purposes. Employees who wish to leave early on Dec. 31 will receive holiday compensatory time only for those hours actually worked. Dec. 31 is a regular payday, and checks and pay statements will be distributed in the normal manner. Departments are not authorized to close early on New Year''s Eve.

For information, call 545-0360.