Hamkins Pens ‘The Art of Narrative Psychiatry’

“The Art of Narrative Psychiatry,” by SuEllen Hamkins, assistant director of psychiatric services at the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health, has been published by the Oxford University Press.

Called by its publisher “the first comprehensive description of narrative psychiatry in action,” Hamkins’ book offers clinicians tools “to help patients cultivate their personal sources of strength and meaning as resources for recovery.” Narrative psychology blends biology and personal elements of individuals’ stories, using a focus on clients’ resiliency and skills to support healing.

A board-certified psychiatrist, Hamkins has written on narrative psychiatry for a variety of professional journals, and presented her work in the United States and internationally. She is co-founder of The Mother-Daughter Project, an initiative designed to help girls thrive, support mothers and enhance connections between them; and co-author of a book based on the venture.