Hagan presented UMPD's badge No. 1

Detective Dan Hagan, the longest serving member of the UMass Police Department, was presented badge No. 1 by Chief Barbara O’Connor during a pre-Commencement briefing on May 22.

Hagan, who has served with the department on April 24, 1972, became eligible for the honor following the retirement of officer Butch Hawkins in January.

A short time after joining the department, Hagan was promoted to the Detective Bureau, where he continues to serve. Over the course of his career, he has received a number of departmental honors, including the Medal of Bravery, Exceptional Duty Award, Grand Cordon and Exceptional Duty citations, Educational Achievement Award, Good Conduct Citation, Meritorious Service Award, a Certificate of Commendation and four letters of commendation.

O’Connor, who called Hagan an “outstanding officer,” also noted that he has received more than 35 letters of appreciation during the course of his service.