'Green Monstah' gulps recyclable electronics

It’s far from Fenway Park, but the Du Bois Library has its own “Green Monstah,” an electronic waste recycling center that opened this week in the building’s vestibule.
A joint project between the Campus Sustainability Initiative  and the Libraries , the centralized center has been in the works for several. Waste Reduction Fellows in the Campus Sustainability Initiative and students from the Building and Construction Technology Program constructed the wooden receptacle in the Wood Shop, painted it “Fenway Green,” and designed signs that make it clear and easy for any member of campus to recycle their e-waste.
The campus community will now be able to recycle small electronics like phone chargers, USB cables, iPods, and calculators, as well as light bulbs, ink cartridges and non-alkaline batteries. UMass Amherst Earth Day keynote speaker Annie Leonard, creator of the documentary films “Story of Stuff” and “Story of Electronics,” claims that each year “we make 25 million tons of e-waste.”
“We are grateful that the Library has agreed to house the ‘Green Monstah’ because we wanted it to be centralized and easy to access for anyone on campus,” says Madison Burke, the current Waste Reduction Fellow for the Campus Sustainability Initiative. 
“This project has been in the works for a long time, so it’s rewarding to see it come to fruition,” adds student sustainability coordinator Sarah Hebert, who will be receiving her master’s degree in Sustainability Science next fall.
Students like Burke will be monitoring the bins at the recycling station on a weekly basis and will be working closely with the Office of Waste Management to transport the e-waste to the recycling facility on campus.  “As you enter the library, keep a look out in early April for the station with the sign, ‘The Green Monstah,’ says Hebert. “He will be hungry for electronics recycling.”