Fischetti given $70k equipment donation from IBM

Massimo V. Fischetti, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has received more than $70,000 worth of specialized computer hardware from the highly competitive Shared University Research (SUR) equipment donation program at IBM, where he had worked as a researcher for 20 years until last January.

IBM donated four IntelliStation POWER 275 systems, four Think Vision LCD displays, and a T42 ThinkPad notebook computer for use in numerical modeling of semiconductor devices in the nanoelectronic regime.

“Professor Fischetti is the first author or sole author of a number of very elegant and ground-breaking device-physics theory and computation papers,” says IBM research manager Rob Miller. “We want to facilitate continuing interactions with him, and with the graduate students who will work in his research area.”

Fischetti does research dealing with electronic transport in semiconductor devices, quantum transport, and the physics of these devices, along with computer modeling of all these functions.

“I felt it was my moral duty to teach what I’ve learned to the next generation,” Fischetti says about his decision to leave IBM for the ECE faculty. “This equipment essentially allows me to carry on the research I was doing at IBM and pass it on to my graduate students. It’s the best way I know to clone myself.”