First-year students at Isenberg get head start

Twenty-five entering first-year students from the Isenberg School of Management spent the weekend of June 25-26 on campus learning about each other and the University.

The students, all participants in the school''s Talent Advancement Program (SOMTAP), will live together in Cance House upon their return in the fall.

According to Dennis Hanno, associate dean for Undergraduate Matters, students are selected for SOMTAP on the basis of their demonstrated commitment to leadership and service, and the weekend''s activities focused on those attributes. On Friday evening, the students were involved in various team-building exercises before spending a few short hours sleeping in wet tents outside the Isenberg School. An early morning wake-up on Saturday morning was followed by small group discussions with current Isenberg School students, which focused on expectations for the fall and beyond.

Once the rain stopped, the group spent several hours working with University groundskeepers on beautifying the campus. The groundskeepers noted that it was "nice to see students who are normally crunching numbers crunching weeds, grass, and bark mulch instead." The students are sure to feel a great sense of pride when they return to campus and see the fruits of their labor again, said Hanno.

The weekend closed with a demanding scavenger hunt that took the students to the far corners of the campus. Their new-found familiarity with each other and the campus inspired several students to proclaim that they were ready to start the fall semester immediately.