Family Business Center joins BFF Affiliate Network

The UMass Family Business Center has joined Business Families Foundation (BFF) Affiliate Network to work collaboratively on developing additional educational material, supporting business family communities and encouraging research in the field of family business.

As a philanthropic organization, BFF supports research and develops and disseminates educational material to family enterprises and professionals working with them to help them address their unique growth and development challenges.

The UMass Family Business Center provides a learning community for families in business who aim to improve their level of professionalism, a healthy workplace, become more innovative, sustainable and profitable through an educational dinner forum series, confidential roundtables, customized consults and trainings and strategic schmoozing.

BFF collaborates with a group of autonomous, university-based centers for family enterprises worldwide devoted to creating unique, enduring and respected continuous learning experiences in their markets. The centers provide a wide range of courses, services and activities to business family communities and are also providers of BFF’s Road Map for Entrepreneurial Families in-class program.

“The UMass Family Business Center shares our values and those of our affiliate network members in their dedication and care in serving business family communities in their region through quality continuous education,” said Pascale Michaud, president of BFF.

Members of the BFF Affiliate Network contribute to the shared goal of increasing awareness of the unique features of family-owned enterprises and entrepreneurial families by offering meaningful educational and continuous learning options for business family members, those who advise them and students in the field that may be helpful in anticipating and dealing with family business growth and development.

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