Faculty needed to review student conference abstracts

Commonwealth College is seeking faculty members to review student abstract submissions for the 11th annual Undergraduate Conference, where students from the state’s 28 public campuses present their ideas and their academic work in a formal setting and receive comments from people in their field.

The review process is short and simple, according to conference coordinator Robyn Lingo. Each faculty reviewer will receive no more than five short abstracts to review. Abstracts will be matched as closely as possible to a faculty reviewer''s field. Conference applications are due by March 3 at which point applications will be distributed to the appropriate reviewers. Reviewers will have 10 days to review the abstracts and return them with an acceptance/rejection decision based upon the evaluation of the abstract in accordance with conference guidelines.

For more information, contact Robyn Lingo, Commonwealth College, 408 Goodell, 577-3912 or by e-mail : umcur@comcol.umass.edu.