Dukakis opens CPPA Distinguished Lecture Series

Former governor and presidential nominee Michael S. Dukakis will discuss health care policy on Thursday, Sept. 23 at 4 p.m. in Bowker Auditorium as part of the Center for Public Policy and Administration’s Distinguished Lecture Series’ Celebration of Public Service.

In his talk, “The Uninsured: 44 Million and Counting,” Dukakis will focus on health care policies and share his reflections on his career in public service and views on the presidential campaign.

Nearly one in six Americans under the age of 65 lacks health insurance; of that group, eight in 10 are from working families. Lack of insurance threatens the health and wellbeing of the uninsured and has poses complex challenges to our nation’s healthcare system. The next administration’s role in addressing these challenges is a key issue in this year’s election, which Dukakis is expected to address.

Dukakis served four terms as a Massachusetts legislator and became governor for the first time in 1974, again in 1982, and was reelected to an unprecedented third four-year term in 1986 by one of the largest margins in history. In 1986, his colleagues in the National Governors Association voted him the most effective governor in the nation. Dukakis won the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 1988 but was defeated by George H.W. Bush. Since 1991, Dukakis has been distinguished professor of political science at Northeastern University and visiting professor at the school of public policy at UCLA. His research has focused on national health care policy reform and the lessons that national policy makers can learn from state reform efforts. Dukakis was nominated by President Clinton for a five-year term as a member of the new Board of Directors of Amtrak in 1998. He currently holds the position of vice-chairman of the Amtrak Reform Board.

The talk, which is free and open to the public, will be followed by a brief reception. During his visit, CPPA will acknowledge Dukakis for his many years of service to the country and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.