Directory information cards due Oct. 11

Directory Data Update Cards (yellow cards) were distributed with the paychecks on Sept. 24. Due to a printing problem, instructions were printed separately rather than on the back of the cards.

All non-student employees on the payroll as of Sept. 17 should have received a Directory Data Update Card. All non-student employees who did not receive a card should fill out
the Directory Update Card provided on page 4 of the 2004 Faculty and Staff Directory or call 577-0157 to request a form.

Certain information, such as location and telephone number, can be corrected right on the cards. Other information such as spelling of name, etc. is provided for recheck purposes and must be changed, if necessary, via the Division of Human Resources.

Official e-mail addresses that end with "" or "" will be pre-printed on the cards. Use the yellow card to correct e-mail mistakes.

This year, Telecommunications strongly encourages faculty and staff members with SPIRE access to log in to SPIRE at and click on the "Personal Portfolio" link to make changes to their name, addresses, and phone numbers. When making address and phone number changes, remember to select the correct type (permanent or work) before saving changes or an error message will be generated. E-mail, job title or department changes cannot be changed on SPIRE: these changes will be made by Telecom when the card is returned.

All yellow cards should be signed and returned to Telecommunications even if there are no changes or the employee is able to make all the necessary changes in SPIRE.

If cards are not returned to Telecommunications by Oct. 11, updated information may not be included in the 2005 directory.

Call 577-0157 with directory related questions.