Dining Services director bets on Patriots

With the New England Patriots taking the field against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl next weekend, Dining Services director Ken Toong has issued a friendly food wager to his counterparts at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and Penn State in University Park. Toong’s record is 2-0 in Super Bowl wagers against Washington University in St. Louis and Duke University in 2001 and 2003, respectively.

This week, Toong placed his caloric bet with Matt Smith, director of operations of dining services for Penn, and Barry Scerbo, Penn State food service director.

If the Eagles win, Toong will send baskets of New England goodies to both schools that include lobsters, clam chowder, baked beans and brown bread, plus Boston cream pie for six people along with a photo of executive chef Willie Sng wearing an Eagles T-shirt and cap while preparing the food.

If, as expected, the Pats ground the Eagles, Penn will send UMass some Philly cheese steaks, pork roll, scrapple, soft pretzels, and Tastykakes. Furthermore, Penn State’s executive chef Bill Laychur will visit UMass and prepare Amish chicken corn chowder, oak leaf lettuce salad and baby greens, venison loin steak and Philadelphia style cheesecake for Toong.

While the Eagles are the best team from the NFC, Toong is confident that the Pats have the experience and drive to win the Super Bowl again. “It will be a tight and low-scoring game, and we are a seasoned team. Of course, Smith and Scerbo think otherwise,” he says.

Toong also announced that on Super Bowl Sunday, Dining Services will not serve Philadelphia Cream Cheese but will have other brands available, just for the fun of it.

For the record, Toong predicts the Pats will win 17-10.